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WAGMI: The Metaverse Is Booting Up 

A registrar is generally the place where records are maintained.

Such records typically reside in centralized and decentralized databases, and increasingly as the metaverse is booting… in blockchains.

Blockchains are made possible by advances in mathematical algorithms and computing, by professionals skilled in the art of decentralized computing they’re considered a highly reliable resource for record keeping.

The metaverse depends upon reliable record keeping for its administration and operations. This is where comes in.

Individuals and enterprises participating in metaverse activities such as transacting purchases and sales, minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and avoiding money laundering, are increasingly focused upon methods for ensuring parties are actually who they represent they are (i.e., not imposters).

Which brings us back to the beginning of this conversation, a registrar is the place where records are maintained. As the metaverse is booting up security professionals are reporting increasing quantities and types of fraud performed against individuals and businesses. may be able to help you not only avoid being a victim of fraud, but also help ensure your distribution and chains of custody are sound.

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