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We’re located online, In Real Life (“IRL”) and in the metaverses too for the convenience of everyone, everywhere.

And we’re now part of the Convivs ecosystem, a community of innovators and thinkers interested in building a better tomorrow. Tools. Search. Identity. More. Right now is a great time to head over to Convivs to put yourself on the invites list.

Life’s Good Everywhere, Including The Metaverse 

It’s fun. You can be social with new and old friends. Earning money while playing games is a thing. You can have any avatar you fancy. Selling your art, from your online shop and local venue, even restaurants, is possible.

And best of all, no one owns the metaverse. It’s not a company running the show, because it’s constructed a bit differently. Would you like to be an owner? You can be.

BTW, none of what we discuss on this site and in our emails is investment or tax advice. What it is is basic information to help you decide where to do your own research, and also a number of amusing anecdotes about folks who are having fun playing games, making money, creating and collecting art, and learning about tokens.

Your Identity In Real Life & In The Metaverse

One of the most important things everyone needs to be aware of, immediately, regards your identity and wallet security. Online and in the metaverse, as in real life, you use a wallet to pay and receive money, and in the metaverse it’s also for your collection / portfolio, and IMPORTANTLY it’s your key, a special private key, that you should not share with anyone.

That pass phrase you created for your wallet, that MUST be kept secret. Never give it to a customer service person ANYWHERE or type it into a website form, even is someone in a chat tells you it’s okay to do so. It’s not!

As the metaverse is booting up security professionals are reporting increasing quantities and types of fraud performed against individuals and businesses. may be able to help you not only avoid being a victim of fraud, but also help ensure your marketing distribution needs and asset chains of custody are sound.

Internet & Metaverse Names

We’ll also be assisting with individual identity keys for wallets, and world/site names (metaverse and Internet extensions) provisioning. From a security perspective it’s critical to not fall for scam name and other schemes, bogus extensions where you pay and then pay again a yet unknown amount to keep your name, and bad actors seeking to steal your tokens and money.

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